Wealthy Affiliate reviews

Wealthy Affiliate is a legitimate platform that teaches you how to make money online, and you don’t have to have a experience to begin a thriving business: for they teaches and training you step by step with WRITTEN TEXT and VIDEO to make you easy to understanding.

How to make money with wealthy affiliate?

Choose your Niches — Well a niche is your interest and your interest can be anything’s, but why do you need to choose your niche ?? You choose your niches so that you can talk about, for example, if your niches is about weight lose, weight lose is what you should talk about.

Created Content– once you have your website build up, you need to created content, but what is content? a content is a helpful information, and a customer will read your content, and when you are promoting a products and when your consumer click on your affiliate link, and purchase a products, you will earn a commission, but this thing, you have to join affiliate programs, and Amazon associates or click bank and there are many of them out there in the world.

Another ways to make money with wealthy affiliate is referrals, and when you are referring people using your referral link, and when that someone click on your referral link, and sigh up and go premium within wealthy affiliate, you will earn a $23.50 commissions, and every month that your referral pay for their membership, you will make a commission of $23.50 every month, furthermore, if your referred go yearly, you will earn $175 . Isn’t that sound wonderful?

Is Wealthy Affiliate legitimate?

Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is legitimate, and the fact is that wealthy affiliate pay out their members the first of every month, some members are earn up to $1,000 – 50,000. each and every months, but this is not get rich scheme, because In order for you to make money online, it’s required your efforts and your hardwork and your times, and mostly people here at wealthy affiliate to make money, it took them 3-6 month.

You know many member here at wealthy affiliate just give up, when seeing there is no result, and see wealthy affiliate as worthless, however, for you to be successful and prosperity, you have to be patients and wait for it, and you need to take action, this is because nothing will happen if you are not doing anything, but if you are consistent, and work hard, your efforts will earn you somethings.

Here at wealthy Affiliate, there are more than 2 millions members, and I have see that there are many members who work from home, and earn good money, even earn more than enough $$$. They work whenever they want, and In their own schedules. They earn enough to buy themselves a house or new car.

How can you make money with wealthy affiliate?

What you need to do is follow the trainings, and as time go by, you will become a expert, just like the owner Kyle and Carson, and please do not worry, and don’t say, I’m don’t have the experience to start online business, I am lacking of knowledge, and understanding.

To be honest with you, you don’t have to have experience, because Kyle the owner, teaches you in the training, step by step, and it’s is so clear and easy to understand, and do you know that you can ask help for Kyle the owner himself, if you don’t understand something, and he will always be for you, and remember there are here many members who make stable income here, and please believe in yourself, and you can do it too.

How much do you need to spending your money here at wealthy affiliate order for you to have a thriving business ??

Well, to be honest and truthful to you, First of all you need to spending on your membership $19 at the first month, hereafter $49 monthly, or you can go yearly which is $495.

Secondly, all you need to purchase within wealthy affiliate is domain name, and it’s cost between $13-$15 dollars.

And there is nothings for you to spending your money to start a successful business, because paying your membership and buy your domain is all you need to start a successful online affiliate marketing. And here at wealthy you have everything you need, they have

Intermediate website 8Amp hosting

Website builder

10 premium website

Enhanced hosting security

Free ssL

Daily backup

Hacking prevention

Site speed extreme caching

24/7 managed

24/7 site support

Google packaged speed

Ddos protection

Image optimization

Dual server hosting redundancy

Amazon web service


In my opinion wealthy affiliate is the most cheapest legitimate online business in the online world, and others online business are way too expensive, you have to buy too many things and it too costly and expensive, and you have to pay to access in their system, and you have to buy allots things once you are in their system, and I heard some people who have the money, but are not even successful.

But wealthy affiliate is different from all others online business, and you don’t have to pay to access within wealthy affiliate; you get free assess.

Is wealthy Affiliate worth it?

Yes, it is truly worth it, it worth your times and effort, this I know because your handwork and your spending your time here will earn you good reward in the near future $$$$. Money will not come to you if you are not trying it out am I right? And if you are really serious about making money, and willing to spending your times and energy here, and in the near future, I believe therefore that you will have a bright future, and easy life.

Here are the payment proof within wealthy affiliate!

These are the people who earn here at wealthy affiliate, and as you see PayPal is the payment method.

Remember, how much you earn is depending on you!

here another one!   This is the real legitimate online business 8amp it not a scam.

This guy is a wealthy Affiliate member and he is earning a satisfied monthly income and don’t forget that your earning could be increase, how much you can make depend on you, this means if you don’t work, you will not earn money, if you work, you will earn.


here another payment proof If others can do it, yes, you can do it too.

There are many members here at wealthy Affiliate who are successful , why? it because they following the training, they do what they are told, they work hard, and their work hard earn them money, and you can do it too, also don’t forget that here wealthy affiliate, it take efforts and patience. people are successful because they really put their heart into it, and they work their heart out.  if people here can do it, you can do it too.   Success required hard work am i rights? note that when you are successful, you can be your own boss and work your own schedule with your own time, isn’t that sound wonderful?


My number one recommendation, sigh up  here   Wealthy Affiliate

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