WarriorsPlus Review: Is it a scam?

WarriorsPlus Review: Is it a scam or legit?

Internet marketers have a lot of money to make, and they have plenty of options. It is possible to make money from your existing audience with a variety of products in various niches. There are a variety of ways to build your social media following, whether you have a following on your website (like this one).

You found WarriorPlus while searching for affiliate networks. As I will explain in this WarriorPlus review, there are many misconceptions about the WarriorPlus affiliate marketing network. Using WarriorPlus, you can also earn a lot of money.

WarriorsPlus: What is it?

WarriorsPlus connects affiliate marketers and product owners. WarriorPlus provides all the features and tools you need to start your campaign. Affiliate programs from WarriorPlus’ diverse range of partner programs are easily promoted by WarriorPlus’ members.

As well as vendors who produce goods or services for sale, the platform is also available to them. There are mainly digital products available here. WarriorPlus might be the right product for you if you sell or buy digital products and want to earn money promoting these types of products.

Please keep in mind that not all types of products are advertised here such as MLM and similar products.

The WarriorsPlus Marketplace

The warrior plus marketplace is where buyers and sellers transact. These are all the products offered by the company and this is where transactions can be initiated and concluded.

You must know how best to search a platform like this to locate the specific products you wish to purchase. If you wish to check out products, you can bookmark them. Your watch list will be created when you do that. Later, you can revisit it.

There are thousands of related products on the market, so it can be challenging to find what you want. If you want to maximize the use of the marketplace, you can use the top-level menu navigation.

Now, you can easily optimize that search.  We will make you aware of the most popular products from the brand. The alert tool can also be used to search. Alerts can be created for products or vendors through the system.

By adding the alert, you will instantly be aware of matching results. Watchlists are another option. If you bookmark a product or page, you can return to it later. So, it won’t be difficult for you to use the marketplace, and you can get what you want.

The WarriorPlus payment system

Different payment options are available on the platform. You have the option of using PayPal or Stripe for payment processing. Processing fees are also charged by these platforms. These digital products are sold and marketed by vendors who charge fees. If you plan to use the system, you need to familiarize yourself with these issues.

The system gives you two options when it comes to accepting payments. In the case of affiliate marketers, a third method of payment is withdrawal to your bank account.

Affiliates and JV partners have a third option. Later, you can withdraw money from your balance. WarriorPlus Balance is also an option. The money you have stored here can be withdrawn at a later time or used for Purchases.

Similarly, TransferWise is used for bank transfers by the company. Ensure that your wallet’s withdrawal requirements are understood.

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WarriorPlus: How to Make Money?

WarriorPlus affiliate products can be promoted in many ways. Several of them will be mentioned now.


It is highly recommended that you create an affiliate website, on which you can place affiliate links and customers can purchase from the links. It is possible to work with both a website and a blog. If you promote various products on your blog or website, you will earn affiliate commissions for every sale.

Sales funnel

Making a sales funnel is the easiest way to promote affiliate products without having to build a website. Prospects can be tracked and contacted using various methods. Such prospects could be converted by different methods. You can generate leads using various advertising methods and turn them into paying customers.

Email Marketing

The system will also make you more money if you contact those on your email list. Depending on how you contact them, you can build a mailing list. Check out our affiliate marketing email list building guide.

Free traffic

You can generate free traffic to your affiliate link in a variety of ways without spending a dime. Social media, forums, and other free methods are good for driving traffic.

Paid traffic

Pay-per-click, solo ads, and social media ads are the best ways to increase traffic to your site rather than relying on free traffic. Affiliate products can be promoted with paid traffic in many ways. There is no cost to paid ads and they are not outrageously expensive either. This method can result in a lot of sales.

As you can see, you can use a variety of marketing tools to promote WarriorPlus affiliate products, such as forums, blogs, or social media. Personally, I find blogging more flexible and produces easier-to-measure results than other forms of marketing.

How can you tell if a link to a product you like has been shared on your Facebook page? A particular blog or website is a good place to make sales, but when someone visits it and makes a purchase, you have no doubt!

Promotions are often based on factors that affect your earnings. Adding a link when you have something valuable they are looking for is easy to do on search engines. An example would be to write a blog post on how someone can build an online business, and then give advice written in the form of an article or a video.

The article or video will be more interesting and valuable, and you will earn a commission for every purchase someone makes using your affiliate link.

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WarriorPlus Pros:


Affiliates of WarriorPlus benefit from many perks, such as the following:


✔️ Member’s Area – Detailed

Affiliates and publishers can manage their campaigns in this affiliate network’s member’s area, view reports about their current campaigns, and view other affiliates’ campaigns. A feature of it is the ability to create campaigns, which can be used to set up affiliate links for various products. A product-specific setting gives you more control.

✔️ Several conveniences are provided by the special features:

This network provides a lot of features to help affiliates, such as campaign builders and project templates, to make their work much easier.

✔️ All members enjoy the flexibility of the ally system

A flexible affiliate system is available to affiliates on this network. It is not necessary to wait until the end of each month to process payments. Members can also benefit from features like automatic campaign creation and dynamic tracking.


✔️ Quickly paid commissions

The affiliates can receive payments from this network at the end of each month, so affiliates will have to wait until that time before they receive their commissions. As a result, affiliate members from this network can request their payments immediately; they will be able to receive the money within 24 hours or less.

WarriorPlus Cons:


❌ The policy on refunds is unclear:

Despite the relatively vague refund policies, the network doesn’t state whether a refund will be granted in the event that a customer requests one. These kinds of situations pose a big problem for affiliates.

❌ Merchant sales do not generate commissions

Products from the merchant’s marketplace are the only ones on which you can earn commissions. It is therefore impossible for you to earn any commission whatsoever if your customers decide to purchase other products or services from the merchant’s website, which is a major disadvantage because you will not be able to earn as much money as you would if there were no restriction on your commission.

Final words:

By selling other people’s products, you can earn money with WarriorsPlus. After registering with the platform, your affiliate link will be available for promotion via different channels.

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