survey junkie is it a scam?

Survey junkie is a paid survey community with 10 millions members, and users. The member therein join survey junkies to make extra money, and cash.


Is survey junkie scam?

No, Survey junkie is not a scam, and when you are reaching $5 dollars,  that where you can cast out, as you see, survey junkie is points, and one point equal to one cent, thus therefore 100 point equal to $1 dollar,  and 500 points equal to $5 dollars and 1,000 points equal to $10 dollars, and as soon as you reach 500 points,  which is equal to 5 dollars: for then you will be able to cast out.

What is payment methods for survey junkie?

#1))  paypal  #2))  gift card #3)) bank transfer OH, and with PayPal,

you will be able to cast out instantly, but bank transform, it will took you 3-5 business days.

What is survey junkie?

Survey junkie is a survey site, this platform is all survey, and for user to take the survey, and get paid, and they are looking at your demographic, so that they can sending to you the survey. Don’t worry about survey, because it pretty much survey here, and you can come back and they will sending you more survey, and by the ways,  survey junkie have daily survey so you can take the survey every single days.

 Don’t worry about not qualify!

Here at survey junkie, you need not to worry about not qualify,  because when you are not qualified for the survey yet they are giving you 3 points equal to 3 cents and but sometimes 2 cents, and this continually many times.
I”m remember when I was taking the survey, but I was  not qualify for the survey, mostly not qualified, but for my efforts I get 3 cents,  or 2 cents,  and if continually taking the survey, I earn up to 1 per hours or more, for the efforts that I put in, and yes you can too. Survey junkie will not make you rich, but can give you extra money, and it kind of fun for most people to take survey and geting paid.

Does survey junkie worth your time?

In my opinion, survey junkies is kind of waste of times,  because you spending like hour and can likely make $1 or $2 dollar, and note that the more you are taking the survey,  you will enjoy it. And I promise you,  you can make 1 dollars every days with survey junkie, it not bad! However, if you want to make a stable income like $4k-10k or even more monthly,  here is my number one recommendation Wealthy Affiliate.  And yes, wealthy affiliate is a legitimate way to make money, and not scam,  check it out, my number one recommendation, and it more worth it than survey junkie because you can earn thousands of dollar monthly, and co founder himself make more than 50 thousand monthly, isn’t it interesting?  ..
but survey junkie, you can never earn up to even $70 dollars a month, and by taking the survey and making one dollar per per hour, you are wasting your valuable time and your precious time.


Survey junkie is for those people who are broke and helpless!

If you are a students, survey junkie is a right place for you  and make extra money in your spare time.  After you are finished doing your homework, and you can spend some time taking the survey, and earn some dollars,  isn’t that sound wonderful?
Survey junkie is for everyone, poor or rich, students,  or whatever you are, you can take it, and make you some money, especially if you don’t have a job, and apply for job but not qualify,  survey junkie is for you.  I have earn me almost $300 hundreds dollars, with survey junkie, but it took me many months,  go ahead and join the survey junkie company and begin to take survey because it is fun . .and enjoyable.


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