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Scam or Legit: What Is Legendary Marketer? Exposing the Truth

Do you want a review of Legendary Marketer? It’s likely you’ve heard of Morten Storgaard if you’re interested in making money online. It is possible, however, that he is a fraud. In the market, there are some courses that promise you big money with the aid of the tools they recommend, but they’re not worth it.

So that I can inform you more about the Legendary Marketer, I have thoroughly researched it to help you make a more informed decision.

This is not a sponsored post by Legendary Marketer. In other words, I did not get paid for writing this review. I will provide an unbiased and honest review to you, so you can rest assured.

Legendary Marketer: What is it?

An Internet marketing program developed by David Sharpe is called Legendary Marketer. You probably already know Duplicate Dave’s products if you have heard of him. Following the same approach is the hallmark of a Legendary Marketer. Affiliation marketing training is available from them.

Online courses are used for the training, and virtual coaching is used for the support. Keeping up with industry trends is also possible through mastermind events. While all this might seem like a lot to you, there is nothing cheaper than Legendary Marketer.

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David Sharpe, who is he?

This company is headed by David, who has been in digital marketing for over ten years. A multi-level marketing company (MLM) with web-based marketing is one of his many ventures. In spite of the huge popularity of Empower Network, the entire concept consists of advertising while making money. This is the reason why the Empower Network was ultimately a failure and became infamous.

He started a company called Duplicate Dave in 2014 after leaving Empower Network. Dave Sharpe founded Legendary Marketer, the company that duplicates Dave can now be found under. Legendary Marketer is also promoted and marketed using the same MLM system used to promote Empower Network.

Legendary Marketer’s Products – Overview

Legendary Marketer’s basic features have already been discussed. Currently, the following products can be added to the product:

  1. Traffic Rolodex Bundle – Two hundred forty-seven dollars. Using paid sources of traffic is the objective of this training.

  2 Legendary Builder Masterclass – You must pay $2,500 in one go. The courses cover topics like measuring engagement, attracting customers, storytelling formula, and presenting profitably.

 3 Legendary Leader Masterclass – The fee is $5,000 one-time. Building a brand and establishing yourself as a leader are the main themes of the course.

Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint – Two thousand five hundred dollars is the one-time fee. You will be able to identify winners in the thousands of products available online with the help of this blueprint, they claim.

5 Digital Products Business Blueprint – It costs $2500 one-time. Your learning journey begins with planning your curriculum and ends with delivering your knowledge to your first customer using audio, video, or written format.

6 coaching and Consulting Business Blueprint – The fee is $2500 one-time. Your focus will be on defining your ni
he, creating your offer, and defining your pitch here.

7 Events and Masterminds Business Blueprint –You will need to pay $2,500 in one lump sum. Throughout this course, you’ll learn how to plan, host, and profit from live events and masterminds.

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How Does Legendary Marketer Work?

Affiliate marketing is a traditional business model used by Legendary Marketer.

Monthly marketing training videos are the core offering of Legendary Marketer. The following benefits are included in your $30 monthly fee:

  • ● Half-day live training sessions
  • ● A new class is added every month
  • ● A variety of topics is covered in this course, including marketing, sales, and management

Internet marketing basics can be learned in these classes. The following topics are addressed:

  • ● Lead generation methods

● Facebook advertising

  • ● How to market your Facebook fan page
  • ● YouTube marketing: an overview
  • ● Using Instagram for marketing

The company also provides resources to help market the product, including:

Email sequence of 45 days 

  • ● Video ads
  • ● Ad copy
  • ● Banner ads
  • ● Landing page

But they offer more than just class management. Legendary Marketer offers students the opportunity to become affiliates. Affiliates can become students by selling products and tools they use themselves. They can earn between 10 and 60% as commissions. Different commissions apply to basic and pro accounts.

Those who take the Basic plan earn from 10 to 30% of their income, while those who take the Pro plan earn between 40 and 60%. Sharpe’s affiliate program drives traffic to the company’s website, which is then followed up by their sales team. Inside sales receive a commission of 20% in exchange.

A Legendary Marketer’s model could be described as a multi-level marketing model that teaches affiliate marketing.

Legendary Marketing: Pros and Cons


  • ● This 15-day challenge was excellent for onboarding
  • ● Backend for affiliates is amazing
  • ● By passively promoting Legendary Marketer, you will earn commissions from ClickFunnels
  • ● You can hire a business coach to help you with your business
  • ● Marketer’s Club webinar replays every week
  • ● Product updates are constant for Legendary Marketer’s Products
  • ● It is not necessary to poach affiliates. The lead you hire is yours for life
  • ● Customer support is extremely responsive


● Affiliate programs are not a guarantee of acceptance

● For some of the lessons, audio and transcripts are available

● SEO strategies are not emphasized

● Affiliate commissions are highest when you pay monthly

● Ticket prices for live events are extremely high

Scam or legit?

There is no scam with Legendary Marketer. The courses offered by this company are valuable. They offer courses on affiliate marketing, so you can certainly learn how to do it. It is only Legendary Marketers’ affiliate commissions that attract people to join them.

The system of Legendary Marketers can only be used by advanced marketers. It is not possible for their screenshots to serve as proof that Legendary Marketer works because they are top affiliates with established websites or large YouTube followings.

When there are many cheaper alternatives that are more valuable and can help you succeed more quickly, there is really no need to get involved with MLM and Legendary Marketer.

Conclusion of the Legendary Marketer Review

There are better options than Legendary Marketer, so I do not recommend this program. Although the course includes some good ideas and teaching, nothing is discussed in great depth, and it is short on SEO training. The vast majority of topics covered by this training are easily found online for free.

In Legendary Marketer, most of the courses are multilevel marketing. Quality is not a concern, so they do not care much about them. In the long run, the show can continue as long as more students are recruited.

So the paid traffic strategies of Legendary Marketer cannot be used to build an effective website from scratch. Legendary Marketer does not have any positive reviews or success stories on TrustPilot for a reason. Legendary Marketer’s products might disappear like Empower Network, so you should be careful if you want to sell them.

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