Freedom Launchpad review

Freedom Launchpad Review: Is Nick’s offer for Freedom Launchpad a SCAM?

I am pleased to present my Freedom Launchpad review. Since the advent of the internet, there have been internet millionaires using a secret formula that consistently produces instant and ongoing cash flow. Can you reveal their secret formula that generates instant and ongoing cash flow 100% of the time?

Is Freedom Launchpad a scam?

If you want, you can use online cash flow formulas and methods to start earning money and using them to achieve financial success. Unfortunately, you cannot implement Nick’s suggestion instantaneously to achieve success.

The Freedom Launchpad is a well-designed system that hides the true nature of the business behind it. My research indicates that it is nothing more than a marketing funnel for another training program that is sort of legitimate and could work if you follow it through.

My Freedom Launchpad review can give you more information. Most reviews are biased and misinformative, but there are a few that aren’t. You do not have to pay me if you join Nick’s program; I am not associated with him.

I just want to give you the facts and truths that will allow you to make your own decision based on your own research about Freedom Launchpad. Now that’s out of the way, how about we get started?

Overview: Freedom Launchpad Review

Nick Bramble’s Freedom Launchpad shows how to use DFY sales funnels and paid ads to create a passive income online. Its main aim, however, is to connect you with the Home Business Academy platform and to teach you how to market it.

Freedom Launchpad is, to my eye, a legitimate system. The course is based on a proven method and includes a step-by-step guide, an ebook, links to community and more.

Due to its lack of depth, I am not recommending this course to those looking for long-term success. In my opinion, Nick creates new shortcuts all the time because these shortcuts are the ones that work the best.

I will further detail my concerns and reasons for not participating in Freedom Launchpad in my review. I am recommending it because I have used REAL long-term strategies to succeed from $0 to $100 a day using 100% legitimate step-by-step instructions.

Freedom Launchpad: So What Is It?

This is a step-by-step video training on how to create an income stream that you can rely on for a long-term, recurring income and you can start right away! Prior to starting my review, I would like to clarify the second and third claims. Affiliate marketing is the focus of Freedom Launchpad. DFY products and services are the focus of this program and paid advertising is the method for making money using them.

Adding paid advertisements to your site can get you traffic and generate income quickly. In reality, however, no matter how good a system is, if you’re a newbie you won’t be able to achieve results in 48 hours or less, working 30 minutes a day.

Freedom Launchpad is clearly a scam based on those claims alone. However, let’s refrain from rushing ahead. Nick Bramble’s program is well-intentioned. A system that worked for him won’t not work for you, so he wants you to have it. The 30 Minute Workday course was his first attempt at this.

Both courses provide a lot of useful information. But you will have to buy funnel builders and probably advanced coaching sessions if you join the Home Business Academy and 30 Minute Workday too. Therefore, I do not consider it to be a comprehensive course. However, the information contained within is valuable. His affiliate marketing ebook is even available for free.


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Who is Nick Bramble?

Founder of Freedom Launchpad, Nick Bramble is an online marketer. The tale of Nick is the classic Cinderella story. Essentially, he was short on money, in debt, and out of work.

Because he was desperate, he tried to find a way out of it. Online marketing offered Nick the solution to his problems, so he decided to plunge headfirst into it. Within a few years Nick Bramble is no longer earning over six figures per month, he is sharing his secrets with anyone willing to listen.

What was his secret to success?

My research showed that Nick Bramble was involved with multiple multi-level marketing companies. Thus, he promoted these schemes and earned a lot of money through them. The FTC shut down Empower Network after it was discovered that Nick was also involved in a scam.

A pyramid scheme, Empower Network sold high-ticket memberships to clients and recruited others to join them. It’s been shut down since it collapsed.

The current Nick Bramble is promoting his scheme (Home Business Academy) through several funnels, including Freedom Launchpad. I assume, however, that Nick has learned from his mistake this time around, as HBA is a legitimate platform. Nick appears to be a good person overall. I am not recommending his program, however.

Freedom Launchpad: How Does It Work?

Freedom Launchpad is explained in a short story. Using affiliate marketing to make money is explained in this crash course. You are funneled here in order to get help and training from Home Business Academy.

Now let’s go back to the sales page and look at the story from there, okay?

Step 1 –  Getting Access to Freedom Launchpad.

It’s pretty obvious what to do in the first step. Join Freedom Launchpad by accepting Nick’s invitation. To access his coaching program, you will need to pay $27.

When you do that, Nick will explain how he created a passive income online with affiliate marketing, and he will show how you can apply this formula to your own business.

Step 2 –  Put the Freedom Formula into practice.

Nick’s formula for creating passive income online is explained in the next step of the Freedom Launchpad course. There is no reason to believe, as he claimed on the sales page, that it is not being used by anyone. It’s an option that many people, myself included, use to earn money.

Nick will give you access to two Do It Yourself sales funnels and show you how to start making money within 30 minutes of using these funnels.

Step 3 –Take 3 Simple Steps Every Day to Live a Life of Freedom.

The last step is to have some traffic if you want to earn money with Freedom Launchpad. The key lies in this. Traffic to your funnels will need to be acquired through solo ads. Those funnels are for promoting HBA, by the way.

It’s basically a legitimate system. In our opinion, it is not a scam.

There is much information and training provided by this system that can help you to make money online, unlike some other schemes. There is one thing about Freedom Launchpad that I dislike, despite the fact that it is not a scam. You see, this course will not teach you how to start an online business, which, unfortunately, is a great disappointment for me.

With paid traffic, you can promote another course and funnel builder using DFY funnels. A successful online business demands the ability to write content, get traffic for free, and create funnels, which this course does not provide.

Freedom Launchpad seems like it would work, but for how long? If the product owners decide to close those products, what will happen to your income? How well do you know how to rebuild?


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Freedom Launchpad Who Is It For?

It would seem that Freedom Launchpad caters to those looking for online income shortcuts. Although it can provide you with long-term skills that could pay off for many years, I wouldn’t call it a comprehensive course.

The opinion I have is just mine. Nick’s formula could work, and it is legit.

Freedom Launchpad costs how much?

Right now, this course is available for $27 through Freedom Launchpad. It provides you with access to the Freedom formula as well as the 30 Minute Workday eBook (which is further discussed in the next section).

The refund policy covers purchases made within 3 days. To get your $27 back, you can reach out to Nick if you are unhappy with the course and bonuses.

Nick’s system, which relies on paid ads, will require a substantial budget for you to get started. Isn’t it true that paid advertising costs a lot of money?

Due to the link to HBA, you will have to pay $125 for advanced training, tools, and all the other benefits included with this membership!

Freedom Launchpad: What do you get?

This program will provide you with content as follows.

✨ Watch the videos for a hands-on approach to Freedom Launchpad:

You will learn how to build an online income using Nick’s system in this training series. Apparently, once you set up the platform, you only need to spend about 30 minutes per day working on it.

✨ Audiobook: You Can Escape the 30 Minute Workday:

Audiobook and eBook versions are available for this eBook. Nick explains the workings of the system in his book, Escape Plan, including how he got his hands on it, how you can use it for yourself, and more.

✨ Support and Assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:

With coaching and an eBook, you’ll also get access to a Freedom Launchpad community where you are able to communicate with members and ask questions.

✨ Templates that go for a million dollars:

Those who join Nick’s program will be able to download two DFY templates Nick has used to generate millions online. While these funnels are effective and proven, they may be old and saturating.

✨ All future updates are included for life:

Nick is going to be updating all of the training in Freedom Launchpad regularly, and he’ll give you lifetime access to all the updates.

✨ How to Boost Your Workday in 30 Minutes:

Nick reveals how he earned six-figures online by investing 30 minutes every day.

Freedom Launchpad: What I Like?

✅ Legitimate training course with decent training materials

✅ Nick Bramble has extensive marketing experience

✅ Train at a reasonable price

✅ Guaranteed money back within 3 days

✅ Sales funnels for DFY

Not My Favorite Thing?

❌ In Nick’s case, Empower Network was involved.

❌ The sales page makes exaggerated claims (misleading).

❌ Paid traffic (no free traffic) is used by the system.

❌ You cannot learn marketing skills with a DFY system.

❌ The same funnels are available to everyone (quick saturation).

❌ Home Business Academy is designed to funnel you there.

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Scam? Is Freedom Launchpad legit?

It isn’t a scam, according to me. Utilizing Nick’s formula and sell-it-yourself funnels, it’s an adequate system to make money online. Advertising requires a sizable budget, but it’s relatively inexpensive.

The system, however, isn’t very impressive to me. My first issue is with the sales page. The statement is misleading and doesn’t provide any background information on Freedom Launchpad. The income generated by this system can begin within 48 hours of using it, according to Nick.

If you are a newbie, this isn’t going to happen. The results could be fast for advanced marketers.

A second problem is that the system comes with do-it-yourself resources (funnels), which is not a good idea. A funnel doesn’t have to be created from scratch, so you don’t have to learn the skills. Freedom Launchpad actually has this problem.

No funnel-building skills will be taught. You will, so to speak, be on dry land if Nick shuts down the program. By using DIY funnels, you will not be able to generate this type of funnel starting from scratch.

As well, Freedom Launchpad is just another funnel like a thirty minute workday. Home Business Academy is its main objective. As a result, Nick is making money by advertising HBA through these courses. There is nothing fraudulent about Freedom Launchpad. I, however, would not happily recommend this program.

Conclusion of the Freedom Launchpad review:

Creating your own sales funnels and websites is the most efficient method to start earning an income online. Although DFY schemes could yield faster results, they won’t lead to long-term success.

The integrity of Freedom Launchpad might be undermined in the future, and you would lose your income overnight. As a result, I do not recommend attempting to enroll in this system as it is too risky, and it will not actually prepare you for starting your business or making money online.

I appreciate you taking the time to read my review of Freedom Launchpad. Thank you for reading. Nick’s offer is intriguing. What’s your opinion? Are you sure it isn’t a scam? Let me know what you think of this review at the end!


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